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Visual Arts Commission
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Government Center.

The Adams County Visual Arts Commission (ACVAC) was formally created by the Board of County Commissioners in 2009. We are a group of volunteer citizens in Adams County who have undertaken our stated Mission: "Placing public art in county facilities and on our public properties that “will stand as reflections of our county and its people, and speak to the citizens and the world at large of the breadth and depth of beauty that is Adams County.”
Over the past five years, ACVAC has completed six projects, placing 13 monumental sculptures, one large History Wall mural, four smaller murals, two large multi-image portraits and an over 100 piece photographic exhibit in our new government center.

Opened in 2011 with a building theme of "The Sophisticated Prairie," the Adams County Government Center is evocative of the rich agricultural past of Adams County as well as the emerging dynamism of a world class community of over 400,000 residents. We are now home to one of metropolitan Denver's largest, most diverse business communities. Adams County has the potential to be the most populous county in Colorado within the next twenty years bringing increasing numbers of people to the government center to do business.

 Government Center Lobby     Government Center Lobby

ACVAC is seeking to place an original and unique $120,000 sculptural piece in the entrance lobby of the county’s two-year-old Government Center located at 4430 South Adams County Parkway in Brighton, Colorado. The space is the main access point for all who enter to conduct business with their county government or attend public hearings. The space is bright and open with magnificent mountain views looking across the golden prairie. The lobby area is approximately 75’ x 35’ and 14’ high. It has an upward curving natural wood feature covering the south wall, marble style flooring, and contains some seating arrangements. The contemplated area of the sculpture is a footprint of 12’ x 12’ x 14’ tall near the glass outer wall on the west side.

The successful proposal must be an original work that clearly fits within our mission and the theme of the Government Center and integrates well with and enhances the entrance lobby. The piece must be inviting and welcoming to all who enter while respecting the diversity that is Adams County. Our History Wall and other projects have focused primarily on our past; with this piece we are looking for something with a more contemporary feel and focus. Additionally, the hanging ceiling will not support weight and we cannot accommodate water features.

This is our second attempt to select a piece for our entrance lobby. We generated a Call for Entries through the CAFÉ web site last year. The 11-member commission selected a small group of finalists, but in the end it could not agree on any one piece and generally came away from the process feeling that the responses we received did not reflect the same value we had realized in our past $100,000 plus projects.

  1. Qualifications as demonstrated by artist statement, resume and references;
  2. Quality and relevance of submitted examples of past work;
  3. Demonstrated ability to produce monumental work of $100,000 or greater value;
  4. Quality of proposed work;
  5. Appropriateness of proposal to the site and project description;
  6. Innovation and timelessness;
  7. Probability of successful and timely completion

The total project budget is $120,000. This includes artist fee, design, fabrication, preparation, transportation, delivery and installation of the selected work, and all other associated costs including, but not limited to, site preparation, permits, liability insurance, Worker’s Compensation insurance, project documentation, travel expenses, consultation expenses, unexpected expenses, and any other costs of any kind. The selected work must include, at the artist’s expense, an appropriate plaque listing the name of the artist, the title of the work, date of installation, names of the county commissioners and the members of ACVAC, and acknowledgement of funding support by the Scientific and Cultural District with the SCFD logo. A payment schedule will be outlined in the project contract which will include an initial payment on contract signing, an intermediate payment, and a final payment upon acceptance of the completed work.

ACVAC and the Adams County Board of Commissioners reserve the right to reject any or all applications, proposals, submissions or applicants and to modify or terminate the application process at any time, for any reason and without prior notice. The selected artist will be required to enter into a time-sensitive contract with the ACVAC and the board which will outline payment and installation schedules, including penalties for failure to meet deadlines.

On the basis of initial submissions and evaluation criteria, the ACVAC will select finalists to submit proposal maquettes. Each finalist will receive a $750 honorarium upon submittal of their maquette and may be interviewed by the ACVAC. The ACVAC will make a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners who will make the final selection and be responsible for acceptance of the completed work.